Who cares?

It’s just a law. Rulers don’t need to obey the law. Just their subjects.

Never mind they aren’t rulers. They are public servants. And when they don’t obey the law it becomes obvious they wish to change the relationship between servant and master.

Had the troops put on a reflective vest over their civilian clothes and directed traffic as civilians I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But they didn’t do that.

It sounds like some officers are taking it seriously but don’t expect most government officials to care in the slightest. They might need those troops for controlling the serfs someday.


4 thoughts on “Who cares?

  1. Joe,

    The main source for legal analysis in that article is a member of the Cato Institute, which is going to take the absolute most libertarian viewpoint of an US Law to restrict the US Military to Posse Comitatus without any of the caveats that have been recently added (since 1981) that allow a more flexible response from the FedGov.

    A slightly longer response to the article is here http://randomthoughtsandguns.blogspot.com/2009/03/samson-alabama-active-duty-mps.html

  2. It’s simple to figure out why the military takes it seriously. If it comes to that, they have two things in mind — one, they know enough about MOUT to know that they don’t have a good chance of winning, and they know who is going to be on the sharp end if it comes to that.

    The government officials don’t know, and wouldn’t care if they did.

    My personal view? I don’t think that there was any harm done directly, as long as it is made clear that this is not to become a habit.

  3. Phelps, I can’t agree. There was great harm done, unless there is severe punishment for this. Anything that desensitizes the citizenry to illegal and unconstitutional behavior on the part of government agents is harmful.

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