Needs help

I got the following email this morning. My response follows:

From: tjif tjaf
Sent: Sunday, March 15, 2009 10:36 AM
Subject: need help





Do you know a way to blow up a house just enough so nobody can live in anymore.

I mean the exploision must be big enough so it creates a hole or crack in the wall.


Why? whell nobody is living in it for now but it is located in a extraordinary forest with
som very rare birds and they dont like the be disturbed. so now is the chance to get rid

of this builing before somebody buys it and want to live in it. i thought to put a propane tank
in the bassement but i don’t know if it is enough or even explodes.





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From: Joe Huffman
Sent: Sunday, March 15, 2009 1:47 PM
To: ‘tjif tjaf’
Subject: RE: need help


I haven’t worked with propane tanks much. Maybe someone on the Belgium Explosive Ordinance team would know the answer.


I don’t have any contacts in Belgium but I have put some of my contacts in the U.S. (Susan and Crystal with the ATF) on the Bcc: line in hopes they know how to contact them for you.





8 thoughts on “Needs help

  1. In the words of someone else, “You’re a stupid criminal, and you’re going to get caught.”

    Otherwise, I can only second what Mike said.

  2. I used to be amazed. But not anymore. I used to keep track of all of them. But it got to be too much work and it wasn’t fun anymore. Especially when it seemed that virtually no one in law enforcement cared or bothered to say thank you.

  3. On a serious and legal tangent to this, how did you even get started with learning what is and isn’t legal with making explosives, and how did you learn to make them?

    In the near term, I’m planning to get some Tannerite so my family and I can have a little fun on their farm. But, being a nuclear engineer and just all around geek, that doesn’t seem nearly as interesting as making something myself. But my early attempts to research this have just left me swimming in information that may or may not even be accurate.

  4. I looked up the laws. Both state and Federal. An outline of the history of my learning out to make explosives is here. Follow the links on the left.

  5. I am firmly convinced that things like this are attepmts to set up the blogger..

    I had one recently send me email wanting to know if I could turn him on to a high capacity hand gun on Sweden, one aquired HERE, oh, and cost was no object…

    The attacks are going to get worse I am afraid…

  6. The answer is: leave the windows and doors open, and nature will reclaim her property in a couple of years. No explosives required. Assuming, of course, that the house belongs to the gentleman in question.

  7. Sheesh, he can’t see the trees for the damn forest. Answer: build a trebuchet. Try not to disturb the birdies’ nest.

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