The ATF was awesome this time

A week ago today I whined about the ATF being technically challenged as I was trying to get clearance for the Boomershoot staff (and some bloggers) to handle explosives.

Last night I got a call from daughter Kim saying I got a letter from them. “Open it up!” I said. She did and told me that all of the people I requested clearance on, except for three, were approved. Those three are pending and are allowed to handle explosives until I am told otherwise.

I am flabbergasted. That was awesome “service”.

While I am of the opinion the ATF should be a convenience store rather than a regulatory agency I must admit they did their job well and without causing me pain once they actually got the paperwork in hand.

Thanks guys.


3 thoughts on “The ATF was awesome this time

  1. Yes, you were one of the three. They didn’t tell me why. But I guessed and it’s probably the same reason you are thinking of.

  2. Well, I just got my paperwork today. The difference of dates between the letter I got and Janelle’s is approximately how long it takes to clear me for firearms. I’m reasonably sure that was the problem. I’m all good to go now. 🙂

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