Softening us up

I’ve expounded at length about the problems with National ID Cards and how it fails my Jews In The Attic Test. I haven’t heard much about such cards recently. There is the defacto National ID Cards in the form of Real ID but with all the states applying for extensions and some declaring intent to not comply with it I have not been concerned about it.

But could it be that now we have the socialists in power their cohorts in academia are softening us up for a police state with a National ID card? Emphasis is mine in this quote:

This book chapter for “Lessons from the Identity Trail: Anonymity, Privacy and Identity in a Networked Society” (New York: Oxford University Press, 2009) – a forthcoming comparative examination of approaches to the regulation of anonymity edited by Ian Kerr – discusses the sources of hostility to National ID Cards in common law countries. It traces that hostility in the United States to a romantic vision of free movement and in England to an equally romantic vision of the ‘rights of Englishmen’.

“Romantic vision of free movement”?

If National ID cards become a reality in this country I’ll be doing a lot more “free movement” of objects at supersonic velocities that will be very unromantic.


2 thoughts on “Softening us up

  1. REAL ID is done, “Enhanced Drivers’ Licenses” (EDLs) is the new thing. With the tiny bit of Idaho that touches the Candadian border I am sure they have talked to your State gov about it. Washington has already signed up, and Montana is lookin at it.

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