Good name but bad association

Via Say Uncle news from New York City (emphasis mine):

On Tuesday 03/03/09, at approximately 12:00, members of the NYPD’s Firearms Suppression Division executed a search warrant at 864 Jewett Ave., within the confines of the 120 PCT. Upon conclusion of the warrant, a total of 80 firearms had been seized from within the home. One individual was taken into police custody and charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

“Firearms Suppression Division” should be the name of a successful corporate entity and never associated with a police department. Can you imagine the screams of protest, and rightly so, if the NYPD also had a “Faggot Suppression Division” or “Jew Suppression Division”?

Those boys in blue need a serious spanking. 18 USC 242 comes to mind as a good first step.


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