Engaging the enemy

Via an email from Gullyborg:

This is hot news here in Oregon and it needs to be spread across the blogosphere:


My friend Greg runs OWVA. He is committed to providing Maxwell with whatever help he needs to sue the crap out of WOU. But it will take money, so please post about this and encourage readers to contact OWVA to contribute to the Maxwell case.

Basically a retired Marine was legally carrying a pistol while attending Western Oregon University. He was suspended for a year for exercising his rights and “In addition to his unlawful discipline, WOU humiliated the 30 year old, veteran Marine by mandating that he receive psychiatric evaluation and write a ten page paper on civil obedience before his readmission into the university.”

The WOU bigots are the ones that need to fired, prosecuted under 18 USC 241, receive a psychiatric evaluation, and write a ten page on respecting civil rights. Help Oregon War Veterans Association make it so.


5 thoughts on “Engaging the enemy

  1. I posted about this a couple weeks ago. Glad to see others taking up the fight against the sniveling little wannabe’s at WOU.

  2. That piece makes me sick. What kind of a country is this turning into. I fought communists for a Democrat President in S.E.A. during the sixties, now we have a communist for President.

    Is Oregon a communist state?

  3. I would think that the University would want a paper on civil DIS-obedience.

    Oh, only when it fits their narative.

    Sorry, I forgot.

  4. Rob, never mind the fact they’re acting like the racist bigots that put Rosa Parks on the back of the bus.

    They pretend they’re the majority, but the debate that occurred on the WSU campus last march said otherwise. For every bigot, there was 10 or more people asking why they were forced to be victims. Many showed up with no opinion either way, and walked away with the opinion for concealed carry. The administrators actually got tired of the debate because I asked just one question and they couldn’t answer it. They tried to use famous failures as examples, and say there was no proof that guns on campus actually would help. I pointed out that Utah allows guns on campus and they don’t have all the problems they claim it would cause. Also mentioned Appalachian State and other incidents where civilians ended the blood shed before police could even arrive.

    They’re afraid, it’s that simple. We actually have the testicular fortitude to stand up, square our shoulders, and look an attacker in the eyes and say NO. And I’m not just talking the physical attacks, political attacks as well. We are willing to fight for our rights and it scares them. Many of us have the conviction to stand up and fight no matter the cost.

    My thoughts though is they should be afraid. The man who attempts to strip another man of a god given right that needs no enumeration, but has been anyway should be afraid. VERY AFRAID!

    /end rant!

  5. Is Oregon a communist state?

    Well, a communist state within a state, yes. Ironically Oregon has some fairly conservative laws on carrying arms and self-defense. Open carry is legal without a permit, self-defense is pretty solid generally, there’s no duty to retreat (this from a ruling by the Oregon Supreme Court of all people), and though we don’t have an explicit castle doctrine the law on burglary in a dwelling place basically amounts to a castle doctrine except for civil liability. But the blue-state corridor from Portland to Eugene, and our government employees generally, are pretty hostile to 2A rights.

    There’s a specific issue in play here. Oregon statute preempts government agencies and local jurisdictions from restricting carry rights for CCL holders, but colleges as well as school districts have long had policies prohibiting concealed carry in defiance of the law. Their argument is that they’re not acting in their capacity as a public agency but as if they were a private employer or property owner, who can bar arms under Oregon law. Which sounds plausible until you look at the statutory language, but if we ever get a clean case before the courts they should get slapped down. Hopefully this will be the one.

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