9 thoughts on “Times have changed

  1. I wasn’t that long ago, many high schools and colleges had marksmanship programs. Indoor .22 rimfire lanes were common. You don’t have to go so far back as 1942. Last I knew, the University of Idaho still had one. The Boy Scouts continue the practice today, but they of course have been targeted by the Left, portrayed as having all sorts of problems with “Abnormal Behavior”.

    We can therefore translate “Abnormal Behavior” from Leftspeak to English thusly; The display of traditional American virtues as described or enumerated in the founding documents (self reliance, freedom, equality, observance of human rights and upholding liberty, etc.)

  2. No eyes, and no obvious ears. That’s something we’ve improved since the ’40s– range safety.

  3. Ok, that is nothing more than straight-up awesome.

    I do have some concerns over the use of what appears to be a school hallway as the firing range, though…

  4. Anyone know what kind of boomstick it is?

    Hey, you frosh stay out of the halls, or else.

  5. As for lack of ear/eye protection or concern over a potential hallway firing range, based upon the caption, I assume they’re just practicing accuracy in simply *handling* unloaded firearms.

    Anybody know the original source of this image? A yearbook?

  6. Most reasonable people on the west coast in 1942 were expecting the Japanese Empire to come calling at anytime. Abnormal behavior was pretending otherwise.

  7. “…just practicing accuracy in simply *handling* unloaded firearms.”

    If that were the case, you’d expect the kneeling woman to be watching the one holding the rifle, rather than looking downrange. ‘Course it’s possible they were merely posing for the camera (I don’t see any empties on the floor). It is none the less a fact that shooting took place in school basements, et al. The U of Idaho rimfire range was/is under the gym IIRC.

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