Boomershoot 2009 supplies

A couple weeks ago I confirmed the reservation for the Saturday dinner location and the caterer. It is NOT at the usual place. It is a block or so down the street at 330 Michigan Avenue (VFW Building).

Earlier this week I confirmed the dates for caterer for the on-site food. Breakfast and lunch will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday I put in a request for quote on delivery of 275 pounds of potassium chlorate. One of the three main ingredients in Boomerite.

A few minutes ago I ordered $500 worth of cardboard boxes, labels, and zip-lock bags.

I should have picked up some small plastic gloves (some of the women making explosives have small hands) when I was out shopping with Xenia for her wedding supplies earlier today. I’ll get those another time.

I still need some more ethylene glycol (again for Boomerite).

Son-in-law Caleb says he is going to make the stakes used for holding the targets from some old pallets he got for free.

I really should start printing out badges since the event is full and I have all the names. The few new people from the probable cancellations can be put on one page of badges a few days before the event.

I think everything is under control for another great event.


5 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2009 supplies

  1. Mmm, BBQ ribs. /me starts drooling.

    Let me know if you need any help Joe, I’ll be taking most of that week off from work. I figure if I’m not helping you I’m going to go over my rifles with a fine tooth comb in the run up. Plus I’m doing the PRC again. I don’t get to shoot 700 yards that often Joe, I appreciate the range time more than anything. Janelle and I are about to move and I’ll finally have space to really do the detailed cleaning I prefer.

    I also appreciate those last two bullets for caution on the Boomerite page. At this point you’ve warned them and they fully deserve the award should they achieve it!

  2. David, your paperwork went in with a big batch I mailed on November 15. No one in that batch as heard back. It’s time for me to follow up on it.

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