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Ry sent me an email telling me about $99 1 TByte hard drives:

Don’t know if you’re in the market to upgrade (I’m not), but NewEgg is selling 1tb sata drives for $99 with free shipping.

this is the item:


use discount code: EMCABCKFC

Interesting. My first hard drive was a 10 MByte which I purchased in 1984. And the 1 TByte drives have been out for two years now.

Assuming the rate of data density increases at a constant rate we can compute when we will have drives of even more more mind boggling capacity.

10 TByte drives should be available in 4.6 years.
100 TByte drives should be available in 9.2 years.
1 PByte drives should be available in 13.8 years.
1 EByte drives should be available in 27.8 years.
1 ZByte drives should be available in 41.4 years.
1 YByte drives should be available in 55.2 years.

Of course using all the data is going to take a lot of computing horsepower. Like maybe a supercomputer.

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