3 thoughts on “Next on the list is warp drive

  1. I’ll be truly impressed when someone can produce and contain “stable” anti matter such as anti hydrogen. That’s a long, long way off, methinks.

    I have no idea whatever, but just how would anyone know if there were, say, an entire galaxy, isolated far away from any other, that was composed entirely of anti-matter? Anti-atoms, anti-molecules, maybe even anti-ecosystems. In theory, would any of the EM signatures we could detect be any different?

  2. Sigh. Just in time for next year’s anti-science “Angels and Demons” movie in which antimatter is the MacGuffin — the message of the film being that it was IRRESPONSIBLY created by CERN scientists, mind you.

  3. David; Ah yes– the old Frankenstein model. Icarus, I suppose, was one of the first such stories to be documented. Man’s curosity combined with vanity and drive comes to destroy him. It’s one of the founding tenets of socialism, that if left to his own devices, Man will destroy himself and endanger everyone and everything around him. Thus we should be held back against our dreams and goals, for our own good.

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