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According to new research done at Oxford University, people who eat meat are less likely to suffer from shrinking of the brain than those that stick strictly to a vegetarian diet.

This doesn’t mean that vegetarians need to immediately start eating meat; it just means that when they decide to attack meat-eaters they should think about their small mindedness before hand.

Jaclyn Cousins
October 13, 2008
Vegetarianism Shrinks Your Brain
[H/T to Phil.

I’m in agreement with Kevin Baker on the topic:

Kevin Baker at the 2008 Gun Blogger Rendezvous on Friday October 10.

Xenia, be sure to eat your eggs and drink your milk.–Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Jaclyn Cousins

  1. That would be never as far as I know.

    The main point of the post was completely unrelated to you. I just mentioned your name in the context of getting enough vitamin B12 so your brain didn’t shrink.

  2. We evolved eating meat, our teeth and guts are designed to eat meat, so why fight it? Vegetarians need to study some biology. And there’s the issue of their missing out on some of the best cuisine. The venison and pheasant soup I had for lunch today (cooked in venison bone stock with vegetables, herbs and apple cider) was awesome! The smoked venison finger-steaks we ate yesterday while hunting for elk were heavenly.

    And you know; if we don’t kill some of the deer out here, which are feasting on the farmer’s crops, they’ll outnumber the people before long. We’ve been considering petitioning WA Fish and Wildlife to issue more deer tags in the east– these creatures are overrunning the place. Sure, they’re cute. Cute vermin.

  3. I’m not sure if you were talking to me or not, Lyle, but I’m “fighting” eating meat simply because I don’t like the taste or texture. I understand that humans were built to eat it, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like it and participate in eating it. I’m not a vegetarian to make a point or to protest anything, and most vegetarians probably aren’t as stupid as you seem to think they are; “best cuisine” is personal taste.

  4. Xenia; I just spent a bunch of time writing you an essay about the various “food obsession” campaigns since I started noticing them in the 1970s and some of the industries that have been targeted and severely damaged as a result, including the latest one I remember which was the tomato craze only a few weeks ago. I even sat here and did some google research for it, but then I accidentally deleted all 500 words of it– gone forever. Maybe that’s a topic for its own post in the future.

    Anyhow, I have no reason to want to alter your personal preferences. That’s your business. But make no mistake about it– there are some really stupid and rotten things promoted by the Food Obsession Movement, as I will call it.

  5. All the vegetarians I know are bright* libertarians who believe in ‘live and let live.’ Being libertarians, they do not cram their viewpoints down the throats of meat-eaters.

    For example, a particular veggie libertarian who comes to mind is Chris Whitten, former founder of Henry Hazlitt Foundation, free-market.net, SchoolReformers.com, ifeminists.com + numerous other libertarian-leaning web-based warehouses of intelligent info. Keep in mind that Whitten’s very own mother was (and may still be) heavily involved w/ PETA, and Chris was fed PETA garbage from an early age, but chose to rise above the propaganda on his own terms.

    Also keep in mind that not all vegetarians support PETA. Likewise, not all gun folk support the NRA.

    All my vegetarian libertarian comrades are armed w/ scores of logic-based vegetarian data from every perspective you can imagine, including, but not limited to, evolutionary information which runs in stark contrast to what Lyle posted above.

    Exposing you or other meat-eaters w/ facts which you’ve never read before because is simply not worth your time nor mine. If an individual wants to seek information behind a vegetarian lifestyle, they will do so on their own terms. This is in sync with the peaceful libertarian philosophy of live & let live.

    Throwing aside the books n’ data, my disdain of meat goes back to my early childhood, when the taste, texture, sight, and smell of raw or cooked flesh, muscle, and blood turned my stomach, for as long as I can remember. This is a gut reaction. Purely a natural physical involuntary response.

    *Nah, ‘bright’ is too light. To be more specific, all the vegetarians I know are genius level+ beyond.

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