Random Obama facts

In the right column of this blog in the “Politics” section is a new addition I found at The Peoples Cube–“Random Obama Facts”. Each time you refresh the page a random “fact” will be displayed. Some of my favorites:

Obama visited Benjamin Franklin in a dream and told him how to live his life serving the community, but all that Franklin could remember was, how to fly a kite.

Any sentence containing the name “Obama” and ending in a question mark has been determined to be racist.  The only exceptions are rhetorical sentences such as “Is there any way that Obama could be more perfect?”

Obama can calculate your guilt just by looking at the numbers in your checkbook.

Big government is like a thousand foot fishing line with a hook, but efficiency is always an inch beyond the hook. Every time you realize this, Obama wants you to believe that the government must grow an inch bigger.

Obama smokes so you don’t have to.

Obama always overpays his taxes because he believes that the government will find a better use for his money than he ever could.