It’s the government–we can trust them

Remember the post from last week? In the article I linked to they said:

It’s not an image people would find invasive.


It’s not possible to save an image or get it out of the machine, it’s physically not possible.

That was in Australia and this is the same technology being tested in Europe:

I wonder why the picture they share with us to demonstrate their technology is cut off the just below the breasts–NOT!

They are arguing about it now but I fully expect arguments that it is “for the children” or “the good of everyone” will prevail and within a year or so it will be back to normal Security Theater as usual with most everyone thinking they are safer when in fact they are not. But maybe it will save the little old ladies from getting their feet broken by TSA quite so often.

Update: Via a comment from Barron we now have more of the picture:

Nice, huh?


3 thoughts on “It’s the government–we can trust them

  1. I DO NOT want to see them – but are there corresponding pictures from the rear? If not, what would stop someone from taping a ceramic knife between their shoulderblades, or to the small of the back?

    There’s a reason I’ll be DRIVING from Texas to Idaho for Boomershoot ’09, and this kind of Security Theater is most of it.

  2. Yes. They take pictures from at least two different directions.

    But I”m pretty sure even a metal blade can be hidden under a roll of belly fat. The back-scatter x-rays pictures don’t show anything beneath the skin. And I think in actual use they require the victims to hold their arms out from their sides.

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