What are they trying to do to my daughter???

I saw this while looking over daughter Kim’s shoulder when she was studying for her class Riddles and Paradoxes: How the Culture of Markets Shapes our World: Past, Present, and Future.

The Functions of Government

  1. To promote competition and provide a system of laws, courts, and method of enforcing contracts (infrastructure for free markets).
  2. To play an allocative function of producing goods and services.
  3. To redistribute income and assist the poor.
  4. To provide stabilization of the economy to keep inflation and unemployment low

Which of these four items are found in the U.S. Constitution? I agree with number 1 but the others are out of bounds. Some other governments do claim these to be within their legitimate areas of power. We call them socialists, communists, tyrannical, genocidal, and losers. Perhaps the Power Point slide deck I found this in or the instructor in class makes the point that this isn’t within the legitimate domain of our government but a quick scan through the slides certainly doesn’t make it obvious.

It appears one can assume we have a discrepancy in philosophical viewpoints. Kevin illustrates it with cartoons better than I can with words.


3 thoughts on “What are they trying to do to my daughter???

  1. Well, if that is really what our schools are teaching our children (and probably have been for the past few years/decades), then I guess I finally understand why Obama is doing so well – at least partially.

  2. I never got that crap, even in my economics classes. Hell, even my economics professor blew 2, 3 and 4 out of the water. It was kind of entertaining the way he did it. Most of the business majors looked like he had just killed a puppy in front of them. Me and another engineer were just smiling trying not to laugh.


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