They must have their head in a sand-trap

What media bias?

The Uninvited Ombudsman points out the media gave front page coverage to a handful of people participating in a tournament of the nation’s number three sport. This was on the same weekend that 300 people participating in the nations number two sport competed for national titles.


3 thoughts on “They must have their head in a sand-trap

  1. A shooting sports event is not news at all, so your premise is invalid.

  2. Remember the plan to sway the public in favor of gun control?

    “Guns are never to be shown in a good or neutral light, only in stories related to crime, prefferably violent crime with lots of blood.”

  3. It’s a little harder to bottle up the truth these days, and the harder they try the more foolish they appear (Algore must be regretting his invention of the internet about now). Dan Rather no doubt could elaborate on that point.

    The VPC’s annual budget is smaller than my little business alone, and there are how many of us? The NRA alone, by definition a grass roots organization, outnumbers all the antis and their budgets combined, and there’s the SOF, CCRKBA, GOA, JPFO, and others, to say nothing of local political groups, student groups and clubs. Then there are the blogs.

    “Tales of the Gun” and similar programs are among the most requested from the archives of the History Channel (or so they told me a few years ago). “Myth Busters” have often been shown having lots of fun and learning things with guns.

    Little old I can teach several people to handle guns and shoot at one time. When we’re done, they’ll have learned, they’ll have had fun and they’ll want to do it again. How many of them can Chuck Schumer un-teach, using all the resources at his disposal? Zero. Once you know, you know.

    In my instrument repair business we’d occasionally get a person who would threaten to write the BBB or to “tell all my friends” about how evil we were. My attitude was always; OK, give it your best shot. This isn’t even a grey area– you violated your contract, we gave you extra lattitude, and you’ll only discredit yourself in the long run by hollering and making an issue of it.

    Likewise with the Old Media. Let them yap and lie and make fools of themselves. Encourage them.

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