Vote for ME!!!

Via the Para website:

You can help send your favorite gun blogger to summer camp at Blackwater USA with world class shooter and instructor Todd Jarrett… and have a chance to win a invitation for yourself as well. Para USA, along with Blackwater, USA is sponsoring a weekend of first class instruction at the most exclusive training facility in the United States.

The top ten gun bloggers in our contest will get an invitation to shoot a special Para pistol and learn the secrets of a World Champion from Todd Jarrett. Blackwater USA is hosting the event at their facility in North Carolina. Gun Blogger Michael Bane and a video crew will record the event for Down Range TV.

Best of all, by voting for your favorite gun blogger, your name will be put into a drawing for an invitation to this exclusive event. That’s right 10 gun bloggers, and maybe you could spend a weekend learning the shooting secrets of the best shooter in the world.

The Para-Blackwater Gun Bloggers weekend will be August 22-24, 2008. Invitees must provide their own transportation to Norfolk, Virginia. Firearms, ammunition, accessories, room and board during the event will be provided by the sponsors. Participants must be 21 years or older and legally able to own and shoot a handgun.

Act now, voting ends July 1st! Winners will be annouced in early July. You may only vote once in this contest.

You want to see Todd Jarrett blow up a car by shooting at it, don’t you?

And I’m sure I can find excuses why you shouldn’t vote for anyone else, for example, that last time I talked to Kevin he had has a project he has to finish up in late August anyway so he won’t be able to make it.

Barb has to work that weekend so we will be celebrating our anniversary another weekend anyway.

Pretend you are a democrat and vote early, vote often, and vote for ME!!! I’m listed as “The View From North Central Idaho” near the bottom of the list.


10 thoughts on “Vote for ME!!!

  1. Thanks!

    Tony, Thanks so much for loaning me the books. But I’ve forgotten your last name (or MS alias) so I can get the books back to you when I’m done with them.

  2. I tried to get my Democrat Party election tactics on, but unfortunately the website only let me vote once. It was a tough choice, but SayUncle never personally sent me an e-mail, so I voted for you :-).

  3. Thank you! That’s three votes for me (yours, Tony’s, and mine). It’s not 16 like Kevin will probably get (inside joke for his frequent readers), but maybe it will be enough to make the cut.


  4. If we can’t both go I think you should just give all your votes to me and I promise to tell you, in great detail, how great it was.


  5. That would be Pacheco.

    It’s Portuguese. My last name has a real interesting story, that only comes out with the application of beer. Or scotch.

    Feel free to lend the books out to anyone else who hasn’t read them. I know they eventually will come back to me. Williamson’s website is and his blog is

    His blog makes for some interesting reading sometimes. He gets righteously pissed at stupid socialist crap and goes off in glorious ranting.

  6. Why I voted for The View From North Central Idaho: The other bloggers don’t talk nearly enough about sex. See, I can come to one blog and get details on guns AND sex. It’s like going into the fridge for a glass of milk, seeing that you have to open a new carton, only to have cold beer come out when you pour it in your glass.

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