Death wish or just incredibly stupid?

My web site about my “adventure” with Battelle’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory recently yielded contact with another victim of theirs.

I often thought it odd they would treat me so poorly with my expertise with explosives and firearms. Why not ease me out rather than treat me crap and not even allow me to defend myself against the allegations? Internal email and testimony during my lawsuit after I was fired revealed there were people on the inside that were quite concerned about that too. They had one or more meetings on how they might deal with “getting sniped at from 800 yards away”.

My latest contact who joined the club of being fired unjustly with any opportunity to defend themselves against allegations of wrongdoing by Battelle has expertise with botulinum toxin, ricin, Yersinia pestis, as well as all of the major chemical warfare agents, such as mustard gas, Sarin and VX.


One thought on “Death wish or just incredibly stupid?

  1. Freezing out the the best intellects is a common phenomenon. A run-of-the-mill team “leader” desires, above all, followers, not necessarily the smartest, most creative, or most capable.

    My mother created her own term for this phenomenon. “Lambikins” after the boss named Lamb, who went out of his way to hire and keep close to him the stupid, the inept, and the lame whenever possible, thus ensuring he could keep everyone under him beholden to him (where else would they ever be able to hold such a position?). W. J. Clinton comes to mind.

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