I cheated and won

Despite thousands of people walking around carrying guns and even drinking while armed the only shooting I saw was the air gun stuff going on at the convention hall. Rick from Traction Control challenged Kevin and I to a little friendly shooting. The targets are below.

I cheated. Something Greg Hamilton of Insights teaches his students–the goal is to win. In a gun fight winning is the only thing that matters. Playing fair is for losers.

Rick and Kevin shot first and reported the gun was shooting low and right. So I aimed high and left. I scored a 49 and won.


8 thoughts on “I cheated and won

  1. That’s not cheating. That’s learning and adapting. ‘Sides; your group is the smallest.

  2. In retrospect, challenging Joe Huffman to a shooting contest in the first place; then pointing out the point-of-aim versus point of impact for the 10-Ring? Not very savvy competitive moves on my part.

    It was a lot of fun though!

    – USCitizen

  3. Thats not cheating. Fast is good, accuracy is final. Besides as Lyle pointed out, smaller group.

    Besides if you’re shooting for score, you should be calling your shots and moving that bullet into the 10 ring anyway. They just gave you a head start on your calls.


  4. thats not cheating, but why were they not adjusting their shots as they went? did they think they were milking the trigger to get the bad lower right groups?

  5. I know it’s not actually cheating. I just felt a little bad because I had an advantage over them. I’d rather win in such a manner they wouldn’t have any excuses.

  6. I agree….. not cheating at all. Just being aware of your surroundings.

    I was once at the range with an old gentleman, the father of a good friend.
    He was this good….. his shooting preparation for dear season was one round offhand at 100 yards, just to verify zero. Ten ring, wipe it down, put it away. I had never heard of him missing a shot on a game animal. He didn’t talk about his service days.

    He watched us struggling to fire ‘groups’, and his only comment was “Why in the hell aren’t you adjusting to hit the %$#@&% target in the center?”

  7. Sure, go ahead, rub it in!

    We had four more tickets, but we only shot the one round! I’m betting I could beat Citizen in a rematch! My group was smaller.

    In the wrong place, but smaller!

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