SAF is looking for people

I stopped by at the Second Amendment Foundation booth today and talked to Alan Gottlieb and Joe Waldron. It was really nice to catch up on things. One of Alan’s daughters is essentially the same age as James (and they actually met once) and we talked kids, Microsoft matching donations for 501(C)(3)s, and other stuff for a while. Then he said they were looking for people for the Bellevue Washington office.

They need someone technical (in the web site programming sense) who knows the gun issue, is smart, and wouldn’t mind working for a non-profit organization (read that as lower than industry standard compensation). Other duties would involve organizing and putting on the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (if you are a gun rights activist you should attend this if you can). I’d love to do this but I’m too much in love with the money at Microsoft to consider it. Alan suggested that it’s a job for someone that is retired. It used to be there were a lot of Microsoft people that retired in their mid and late 20’s but with the stock flat for the last 10 years that doesn’t happen anymore.