Dinner with bloggers and 5000 others

I had dinner with 5000 people tonight. I only had a chance to talk to a few at my talk and the people in the next table over. But it included Bill and Denise. I have corresponded a bit and had some comments from them occasionally. It was nice to finally met them.

I met and talked with Caleb and his wife for a quite a while before dinner. Very nice but I think I have a preference for my daughter and her Caleb but then I suppose there is a possibility of bias.

Afterward we went to some bar that was running the music at about 20 decibels above what you need hearing protection for in an industrial environment for continuous exposure. We found an empty room in the back and asked that it be ours. The staff agreed and we went in and ordered drinks. I only ordered the one orange juice because they said it was free and I didn’t think that was quite right. Others ordered beers that cost $8.00 each and other stuff that they wanted to check your credit card limits before they would bring it. We asked they turn the sound off in our room and the sound level dropped to where we could talk if we only yelled a little bit. After about 15 minutes I realized we are humans and humans adapt the environment to themselves and don’t have to adapt to the environment. I shut the doors to the room and everyone cheered. I credited the two engineering degrees for enabling me to figure that one out.

Squeaky Wheel wasn’t quite as entertaining as she was last night but then she probably will be capable of remembering most of tonight. I promised not to blog about last night and she agreed not to post the video either. Kevin and Squeaky did a blog a little bit about last night (I didn’t realize I was scaring anyone, honest!) but the best parts will only be available on a need to know basis.

Speaking of Squeaky, she is famous now. She was misquoted by the LA Times.

Everyone was bummed that Tamara and Roberta only connected with a few bloggers today. Tamara should be back tomorrow and some people are hanging around a little longer just to make sure they get a chance to met her. I’m hoping Tamara can roll Roberta up in carpet and throw her in the trunk or something so we can met her too.

Another great day except everyone wimped out by 1:00 AM. It was 2:30 before we broke up the last two nights. You would think that with the practice we got with three and four hours of sleep the two previous nights they would be able to tolerate staying up until at least 3:00 this morning. But for some strange reason the non-engineers didn’t seem to think the practice helped them.

So, it’s now just about 3:00 local time. I’ll show them in the morning!


6 thoughts on “Dinner with bloggers and 5000 others

  1. I wasn’t nearly as entertaining because I wasn’t nearly as drunk. I try not to get too shitfaced when I’m out and about, particularly at night. I grew up in Memphis, you know. 🙂

    You’re really NOT scary – you’re just one of those folks who knows an awful lot of ways to mess someone up severely. It’s the POTENTIAL for such damage that’s scary.

    I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and speaking with you this weekend. You’re a hell of a lot of fun, and I’m holding you to the Boomershoot offer! 😀

  2. It was a pleasure to meet you too Squeaky. I was just trying to make a joke with the “wasn’t quite as entertaining” line. Just like you said a couple of times it’s quite a thrill to meet all the bloggers you have been reading. GBR in Reno in 2006 was my first experience with that but the thrill hasn’t diminished, it just becomes more familiar.

    Boomershoot 2009 will be April 26th. I figure you get the Olympic Arms PCR-1 (politically correct rifle) special edition for the Second Amendment Foundation and the Microsoft Gun Club. Uncle gets to use the .300 Winchester that Kevin Baker calls “The God Switch”. The PCR-1 is in .223 and likes Black Hills Ammunition 223 Remington 50 Grain Hornady V-Max Moly. You will want a MINIMUM of 100 rounds. You will be happier with 200 rounds or more. A spotter/shooting partner is HIGHLY recommended.

  3. So for the cost of travel, room & board, and ammo, I, too, can blow stuff up? I’m so there. I’ll go to the site and start reading up on some stuff so that I know what you’re talking about when you start posting about this stuff in earnest. 🙂

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