A girls best friend

Trying to get the woman in your life interested in guns? Maybe this will get her attention. It’s very pretty and shiny:

1193 Mounted stones, 90 Carats, Estimated Value: $360,950.

Wife Barbara doesn’t wear jewelry so I can’t imagine she would like all those stones but I think daughters Kim and Xenia would each like one (hint to their husband and boyfriend–you would get on my “good side” with a gift like this).


4 thoughts on “A girls best friend

  1. Hmm.. I’ve heard of people taking steps to protect their jewelry, but this is taking it a step further– putting the gun right into it.

    My wife is afraid of guns, but I’m thinking she’d like this one. Not sure she’d keep it though– she’d probably trade it for another car or a little beach house.

    I guess you’d want some solid gold, hand-engraved bullets to go with it. 9 carat gold cases should be strong enough to take the pressure (Speer? Winchester? Get busy, eh?) but they’d look better against the gold bullets if the cases were platinum or silver. I suppose the intricately embroidered and studded hip holster would be extra.

  2. You know you’re a gun geek when you look at that gun and your first thought is “I wonder if that finish is Boron Carbide or Titanium Nitride?” 😉

  3. The Beretta 92 is generally a pretty crappy gun for the woman in your life. The ergonomics are awful for people with small hands, my male self included.

  4. Has anyone tried shooting it? After reading Tam’s reports about bullets being pulled from their crimp, I wonder how well those stones are set. How many of them will fly off the gun the first time it is fired? Wait a minute, why am I even asking? I’m never going to own a diamond encrusted anything.

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