It Was A White Boomershoot

It was a white Boomershoot yesterday. From inside our shelter my staff and I mostly thought it was funny. Precision Rifle Clinic instructors and participants had a different opinion from on top of the windy grassy knoll.





The sun came out at lunch time.

As we were going back to work after lunch a wall of snow came in. That isn’t fog, that is snow.



One thought on “It Was A White Boomershoot

  1. Those snow pictures look pretty benign, nothing like the 20MPH winds and snow hard enough to make the targets almost disappear that we actually dealt with!

    Regardless, much was learned and it was a lot of fun, too!

    I SURVIVED Boomershoot 2008’s Whiteout!!

    Thanks to all the crew that made it possible and especially to Joe, who holds it all together!!


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