I’m dreaming of a white Boomershoot

Yesterday Scott, Kim, Gene, Monte and I prepped the Boomershoot site for the Precision Rifle Clinic which takes place today and tomorrow. It was nice in the morning then at lunch time it started snowing. It just barely stuck on the grass and you can see a bit of it in some of the pictures below.

As I write this at a little at 7:00 AM it’s snowing as well. The current temperature is 31F. Shooters Bob and Mike spent the night in a tent on site last night. I hope they brought winter gear.

The weather forecast is for warming weather as we go through the weekend with Sunday reaching the low 70s.

Part of the shooting line.

Kim in the sheltered work area for target construction.

Monte and Gene prepping steel for placement on the hillside.

Gene and Scott about to place steel at the 700 yard line.