Quote of the day–James Huffman-Scott

Drugs are bad. M’k?

James Huffman-Scott
April 18, 2008
[This was after I had a minor medical procedure, was not allowed to drive for 12 hours because of the drugs they gave me, and could not remember certain things later in the day. I thought I was feeling fairly well at the time. I can remember things that happened before the incident. I can remember things that happened just after the incident. But I cannot remember the event in question.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–James Huffman-Scott

  1. If it was Versed, that’s what it’s designed to do – interfere with short-term memory.

    Quote from a “medical professional”: “It may hurt like hell, but you’re going to be too relaxed to do anything about it, and later, you’ll let us do it again, ’cause you won’t remember how bad it hurt.”

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