A telling observation

I was cleaning up my desk and ran across an old Hard Corps Report from September/October 2007. In a little box in an article entitled Disarmed in “Gun-Free School Zone” was the following tidbit of information:

The Aftermath of Gun-Free School Zones
created by the 1990 Crime Control Act

Years Incidents
1776-1990 214 7
1990-2007 17 78

Repeal this terrible law. Do it for the children.


2 thoughts on “A telling observation

  1. How dare you look at actual results. Why, that would invalidate the entire Leftist ideology.

    No, Sir, you are supposed to look only at the stated intentions, at the emotional appeals for more restrictions, and at the fact that, although it may not be working perfectly, “at least something is being done” to address serious issues. Because, Sir, as we all know, the path to greatness is through limiting human freedom, limiting human activity in general, and through centralized control.

  2. where could i find that statistic in a source that i could use for an academic paper? i have one due in a few weeks and im writing it on bad gun control laws

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