Defying Say Uncle/shaming the ATF

Earlier today, Uncle demanded:

I’m here to ask you all to knock that shit off.

I’m here to defy his demands:

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Okay, so I’m not going to get bent out of shape and claim the ATF black helicopters are about to touch down. I’m not really in defiance of the Great and Wonderful Uncle.

What I do want to do is point out that we got the ATF’s attention when we pointed out their faux pas regarding Always Think Forfeiture. Whether they give the creator of that incentive tool a promotion and/or publicly flog someone is still up in the air. But you should note that we do have an effect on them. And every minute they spend deciding what to do about getting caught in the sheep pen with their pants around their ankles is less time they have to spend infringing the rights of the innocent. It will also be a very useful thing for our friends in congress to bring up during budget hearings with the ATF. Jed did good. Real good.


7 thoughts on “Defying Say Uncle/shaming the ATF

  1. “Whether they give the creator of that incentive tool a promotion and/or publicly flog someone is still up in the air. ”

    Don’t forget that none of the people morons (probably shouldn’t insult morons like that, but oh well) in charge of Waco and Ruby Ridge were punished. The guilty were either promoted or allowed to continue with their “careers”. I expect the creator of the multi-tool will be promoted and given a citation recognizing his contribution to increasing the morale of the “troops”!


  2. While I am inclined to agree with you the fact that DOJ rather than the ATF (yes, I know the ATF is under the DOJ) is checking things out is encouraging to me.

    Give it some more time. If we don’t hear anything by July then I’ll concede my optimism was unfounded.

  3. Thank you, Joe.

    I have to give credit to arfcom, where I found it. And to everyone else who picked up on it so that it did get some attention.

    I see Uncle’s point, but at the same time, I agree that it’s good to know that various agents of the state are paying attention. A little reminder now and then doesn’t hurt.

  4. Promotion and/or public flogging. Who knows– maybe both. One for internal purposes and one for the public

    My guess is that someone may be lightly reprimanded for letting their attitude become a little too public. The attitude itself is another matter (“Sure, some of us think that way, and that’s fine, but Jeezus, Man, do you have to be so damned obvious about it?”).

  5. As for Congressional budget hearings; one has to wonder how many will consider this behavior a minus, versus how many will consider it a plus.

  6. I was thinking maybe both. Flogged for letting it get out and promotion for the great idea. But they might run into some “issues”.

    Just give it some time. I know there are people in much higher places that have taken an interest in this.

  7. This “don’t show government referals” meme originated with Ace at the Ace of Spades blog, with his “Cool your shit” post.

    He is a NYC blogger. When he can demonstrate an ability to influence his fellow New Yorkers to stop sending anti-gun bigots to DC, I’ll consider taking his tactical and strategic political advice.

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