Neutrality on guns from the New York Times.

I’m pleased but somewhat surprised. It is a news story on the Heller case rather than an editorial disguised as news.


One thought on “Neutrality on guns from the New York Times.

  1. I sort of disagree here. Rather than pick apart the article, however, I will say that this is something special because:

    * the article acknowledges the existence of the Heller case

    * the article actually acknowledges that an additional opinion exists on the matter of the Second Amendment; a big deal, since other disarmers even go so far as to exclude parts of the law that they don’t like when reciting it

    I will try very hard to stay away from commenting further, and add only that this is a microscopic step, but a step toward liberty and accountability of government nonetheless — maybe. It may also be of interest because the much-hated Cheney is involved.

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