4 thoughts on “This one is for Sean

  1. Try again. I noticed it a minute or two after I posted it, fixed it, but the blog software apparently didn’t actually update the webstore. If it still doesn’t work use this link.

  2. Now there’s a frickin’ LASER BEAM!

    Looks like I’d need to resever several postitions.

    I imagine other shooters would be nervous if we set up in the parking area and shot over their heads.

    I derive a certain writerly satisfaction that this is pretty much exactly what I had in mind for the opening battle of my unproduced, and mostly unread, superhero screenplay, ‘The Atlantean’.

  3. Maybe one of those handheld green lasers* could be hooked up to some remote-controlled motors… It might be possible to shoot down a cheap toy helicopter.

    *The kind of pen lasers that can light a cigar or pop a balloon. Not the pointing kind.

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