Common sense is not a prerequisite for security rule

Instead of screaming bloody murder about the TSA (A Security Theater) Gail Todd chides the victim. The background is here:

When reader Marlys Powers prepared for a flight to visit her daughter in Phoenix, Ariz., she purchased a vinyl see-through bag to hold all her toiletries. She packed the bag with 3-ounce bottles of shampoo, lotions and toothpaste, as well as her toothbrush and hairbrush.

Marlys thought it would make it easier for security to see what was in her carry-on bag. Security didn’t see it that way. Because it wasn’t a quart-size bag, they took the lady aside and placed her in a private room for a thorough pat down.

After confirming she wasn’t carrying any concealed weapons, they told her they would have to confiscate all her 3-ounce bottles because they weren’t in an acceptable-size plastic bag. Then one agent discovered something else: two sandwich bags filled with cookies and banana bread Marlys was taking to her grandchildren.

The agent told her if she could combine her treats into one of the bags, she could use the other to stow her plastic bottles — which she did. The agent placed that plastic bag back inside her original plastic container and told her to have a good flight — which she didn’t.

Marlys had already missed her flight. And because all carriers were overbooked, she spent several hours standing by for a flight with an empty seat.

While packing all your personal items in a single plastic bag might sound like a sensible thing to do, remember that common sense is not a prerequisite for security rules. And if it doesn’t adhere strictly to the rules, it won’t fly — and neither will you.

She goes on to inform her readers how to avoid this by following the rules exactly. It doesn’t matter they don’t really make sense and are totally ineffective at preventing weapons from getting on planes. But Ms. Todd apparently lives in or near Chicago so it’s not too surprising that she uncritically accepts government tyranny as just part of everyday life.


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  1. And it is BS like this is precisely why they are never getting me on a plane again. They will get very upset with me because I plan on stripping down to what I was born with before I go thru the security BS just to show them what I think of it.

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