Obama and Hillary

Both SayUncle and Sebastian are feeling happy to see “Obama Slaps Hillary Silly in VA” but note that rationally that feeling doesn’t make much sense.

Admittedly, even if you drop the title of “The First Woman President of the United States of America” this image is pretty frightening:

But which would you rather have in office? Someone who 40% of the population thought was a power mad megalomaniac without morals or someone who would attempt to implement the same laws and tyranny but 80% of the population thought was, deep down, a “nice guy”?

If those were the only two choices I had I would vote for the megalomaniac because it would be easier to motivate the opposition and throw them and their collaborators out the next election. And if the next elections “didn’t happen” a lot more people would have been preparing for the revolution.

Basically its a choice between being forced to distribute either a poison that tastes sweet or one that tastes extremely bitter. Go with the bitter tasting because fewer people will take a lethal dose.

And it may not come to one of them being elected. As some have said, we want Hillary to win the nomination because she has less chance of being elected than Obama. Go Hillary! Then get lost.


8 thoughts on “Obama and Hillary

  1. The other photo I’ve seen of that bust didn’t indicate the level of support the artist was providing for Ms. Clinton.

    I used to cringe whenever someone put up a photo of Hillary on a web page. Just in passing, I note that the photos of Rep. Pelosi have apparently affected my tolerance level.

    I like your argument about the flavor of poison. Problem is, they all taste pretty damn bitter to me.

  2. Some people have taste buds that detect things others cannot. I’m pretty sure you and I both have the same type of taste buds. The point is not whether you and I can detect the poison it’s about what percentage of the general population can detect it.

  3. I think it is all about those six supremes over the age of 68 that makes me think I’ll just have to hold my nose one more time for another republican who aint.

  4. And for what it’s worth (I don’t agree with all her opinions, but certainly her facts are straight), here’s Ann Coulter on the subject:

    Ayn Rand wrote of this decades ago. Given the choice between a quazi-socialist and the real thing, more people will probably go for the real thing. At least the real thing won’t look like a phoney.

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