Yay me and Caleb

Son-in-law Caleb and I went to an IPSC match on Sunday. It was his first. He came in 13th out of 19 participants. This is very good for a first time IPSC shooter. I came in third. I had way too many misses to be very happy about my performance though.

I even won one of the stages but I suspect that was mostly because I successfully pulled off a creative way of shooting the stage rather than because my shooting was that much better than everyone else. I know at least one other person messed it up when he tried to do it the same way. I learned from his mistake and was successful.

Update: I’m adding pictures from the match and a little bit about the stage “Which Way“.

Caleb and I both did really well on this stage. I won the stage and Caleb came in 4th. Caleb actually shot it in less time that I did, 12.41 seconds versus 12.71. I had much better hits on it than he did which gave me the win. Master Class shooter Adam shot it in 10.77 seconds but with one miss and poor hits. It was a 15 round (minimum) stage so including the draw, moving into position and from shooting position to shooting position we still averaged more than one aimed shot per second.

Caleb contemplating how to shoot a stage.

Caleb shooting the stage “Which Way”.

And no, Caleb wasn’t standing on one foot to shoot, he was slowing down as he approached the barrels and shooting at the same time.

Master class shooter Adam shooting a worse score than beginner Caleb while K.W. RO’s.


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  1. Man I love this blog. I’m curious, what is the pistol that Caleb is competing with called. Its hard to see in the photos which model it is.

    Also I’d register to the site but I see no place to register.

    ~ Jared Ritchey

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