Gun Blogger Rendezvous Saturday update

I can’t get WiFi on my computer so I’m using a cell-phone shared Internet connection. I don’t have much time either, otherwise I’d post a bunch of pictures. So I’ll defer to others you are faster and better than me on this:

The trip to the range was great. I brought my Spud Gun this time. So I put a couple rounds in a target at 200 yards just to make sure nothing had changed in the last two years since I had shot it. Pictures of that target will posted later. The “group” (two shots don’t mean a lot) was 3/8″ of an inch just under an inch left of the bull. I then went to 300, then 600, then spotted for Chris as he started hitting at what the range master said was 953. He spotted for me and I was able to connect on nearly every shoot too. I left it zeroed for that range and numerous other people who had never shot at those distances reached out and touched the metal at nearly 1000 yards.

Later (more about this when I get the pictures ready for posting) I shoot the Ko-tonics 6.8 SPC. Uncle has a red-dot sight on it zeroed for 400 yards and from the bench it was easy to hit the 400 (12 inch?) yard plate nearly every time so I shot a few rounds offhand at the 400 yard target. Much more challenging but I think I hit about 1/3 of the time.

It was a great day at the range!

Time for Barb and I to head to the banquet…