The Second Amendment in Public Buildings

Here are the results of the poll done by the Lewiston Morning tribune, and which Joe referenced in an earlier post:

Should private citizens be allowed to carry guns into public buildings?

74% Yes
26% No

It shows the most lop-sided poll result currently displayed on the LMT poll page, and the largest number of voters, i.e. more people care about it and their opinions are the most clear.  That’s encouraging as it shows we are making progress, at least in North Idaho where peace and hard work are more important than fear-mongering and scheming.

Now I wonder how many of those who voted “No” are the regular recipients of a government paycheck as compared to the “Yes” voters.  I submit that a disproportionate number of the “No” votes are coming from public employees.  If so, shouldn’t we be hiring servants who protect our rights (or in a worst case scenario, just do nothing) rather than trying to force us to comply with their personal wishes and soothe their irrational fears?

To put it another way; If our public servants are even slightly uncomfortable with us having our civil rights intact, are they right for the job or are we better served by people who are glad for our civil rights and who have the maturity, strength and courage to protect them vigorously?