My sample must have some bias

I have to admit I have a rather small sample compared to theirs but from my research this study is way off the mark:

On average, most women say they would have no problem abandoning sex for over a year if it meant they could get their hands on a new wardrobe. Two percent of the 1,000 women in 10 cities surveyed were ready to abstain from sex for three years in exchange for new duds.

When asked whether giving up sex for a month would be worse than losing a loved piece of clothing, 61 percent said they’d rather give up getting down and dirty. 48 percent, taking part in the survey by consumer products giant Unilever said their favorite article of clothing was more reliable than their man in giving them confidence and making them feel sexy.

“Some people say clothes make the man, but the right clothes can even replace him,” fashion designer, stylist and TV personality Carson Kressley from the reality TV show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” said in a statement accompanying the poll.


3 thoughts on “My sample must have some bias

  1. But you’re not gay, and everyone knows that gays are smarter than you, and have better connections. That’s why they should be dressing us, teaching us how to cook and how to decorate our homes. Or so that is what I get from watching TV.

    Additionally, the study doesn’t ask women whether they’ve met me, does it? So there you are.

  2. “Some people say clothes make the man, but the right clothes can even replace him” Oh now thats the ticket.

    Can I borrow that line?

  3. Marie, You have my permission. But then I didn’t get permission to use that quote to begin with.

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