Maybe he needs a cigarette

In October at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous Say Uncle was telling a few of us about his efforts to stop smoking. The part I remember most went something like this, “After three days I’m at the point where I can either smoke a cigarette or choke my wife. So I go outside and smoke a cigarette.” The next day he also told us he wasn’t able to tell jokes but that is a different story which I didn’t believe either.

Yesterday Uncle had this to say:

After reading the details of his grievances it sounds to me like he hasn’t smoked a cigarette for a couple weeks. Has anyone checked on his wife recently?


One thought on “Maybe he needs a cigarette

  1. I can feel his pain. I quite a while back and remember how hard it is. I had smoked since the age of 16 and stopped at 29. It is very hard trust me I wish I never started.

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