The NRA is more respected/favored/trusted

Interesting poll results:

Most Americans respect the NRA more than they do the Democratic party, the Republican party, or even the U.S. Congress.

And here’s something else they won’t tell you: It’s been that way for years. For more than a decade, poll after poll says that more Americans favor the NRA than almost any other organization in the country. More than political parties, more than labor unions, more than the U.S. government itself.

Americans don’t trust politicians and they don’t trust The New York Times. They trust the NRA.

I’d love to see the polling questions and these results independently verified. It could be those polls were sponsored by the NRA making the results suspect. However Wayne claims these results were not done by the NRA:

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll taken last July found that while most Americans have positive feelings about the NRA, only 30 percent have “positive feelings” about The New York Times.

It bothers me he changes the subject from paragraph to paragraph. What was being polled? “Respect”, “favor”, “trust”, or “positive feelings”?