Rapid evolution

My blog evolved from a Crawly Amphibian to a Flappy Bird in just two days and in the process pegged out the inbound link-o-meter:

Actually most of this rapid evolution was due to some sort of bug in the TLB ecosystem. I’ve had 50 some odd inbound links for quite some time but they weren’t showing up right. After the Gun Blogger Rendezvous everyone started linking to everyone else and the dam sort of burst on my inbound links.

The rise in the number of viewers late last month is probably due to all the links Say Uncle has been sending my way recently.


2 thoughts on “Rapid evolution

  1. Evolution is not necessarily a slow and steady process, but is often punctuated by fits and starts.

  2. That’s very generous of you to call TTLB’s problem a bug. I call it broken.
    Months ago the inbound link meter started going up and down daily, yet the inbound links list showed primarily a slow increase every couple of days.

    I’ve randomly checked the inbound link list against the referring site and it’s pretty much right, yet ratings are based on the broken counter meter.

    That is all.

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