MSM talks about airport security

If you don’t believe me do you believe it if you read it in the Boston Globe?

For example, Schneier blasts almost all airport screening measures as meaningless “security theater” that makes people incorrectly believe they are safer. After all, who says the next terrorist attack will involve the methods used last time? Who says it even has to involve airplanes?

“The game of having all these tactics is one we can’t win, because terrorists get to see it in advance,” he says.

“By definition you’re going to pick a plot we’re not going to catch. It’s a game we can’t win. Let’s stop playing it.”

Instead, Schneier says the game ought to be about stopping bad people, mainly through better intelligence and police work.

That money would be much better spent, he says, than making sure that security screeners confiscate corkscrews or any other particular item from passengers.

Existing airplane “security” is about making some people feel better not making anyone more secure.