Guns on college campuses

More bad news for the anti-gun bigots. It turns out Utah isn’t the first place to allow guns on campus. Here is a report of where fully automatic assault rifles as well as pistols are carried either openly or concealed with no problems:

I studied for six years at Tel Aviv University, Israel, and although gun control is tighter in Israel than it is in the United States, I was accustomed to seeing students and staff carrying firearms to classes on an almost everyday basis.

One may see students in their 20s carrying fully automatic assault rifles while on furlough from army duty and others who carry pistols, either openly or concealed, with the blessing of the university’s security staff and administration.

We are winning. Keep up the pressure on these bigots and felons. We need to make it just as un-PC to talk about restrictions on guns as it is to talk about segregated drinking fountains, bathrooms, and seating areas on buses. We can drop back into “maintenance mode” when the only law on the Federal books that directly refers to firearms is the 2nd Amendment and 18 USC 241 and 242 are vigorously enforced against all who violate a person’s inalienable rights.