Another Lautenberg Amendment victim

I got a call yesterday from someone I have only seen once in the past six years. He barely introduced himself and immediately went right to the point. He talked so fast that I didn’t get quite get all the words. What I did get was that he was in a domestic violence situation, had restraining order against him and had to get his guns out of his house as soon as possible. He had some other possibilities but wondered if I would be able to hold on to them for a couple months until he could get things all straightened out.

I agreed but didn’t have secure storage for all of his guns here in the Seattle area. I said I have plenty of room but he would need to buy a cheap gun safe to put them in. He said he would check out his other alternatives and get back to me.

I ended up with his gun safe, filled with his guns, next to my bed, and the keys to it in my pocket. He then told me his story about the incident with his 18 year-old son, about spending the night in jail, and his search for a lawyer.

I gave him a little bit of advice–If this were to turn into the worst case scenario how much money would you be willing to spend to have a better outcome? “A lot”, he said after about 1.5 seconds of thought. So I told him, “Then spend that money now on the best lawyer you can get.” As painful as it is to hire the best up front hiring a better lawyer than your first pick to go back in time is beyond the means of everyone I know.