More pictures from Xenia

Xenia has posted a bunch more pictures (and a little bit of story) from her visit here and her trip to Oklahoma to see her boyfriend graduate from Army Boot Camp.

My favorite pictures from the collection:

Xenia’s pinkie. My toes (I wear size 14 shoes).

Sara and Xenia get the ultimate desert offered at the Space Needle.


2 thoughts on “More pictures from Xenia

  1. After things that go boom, is there anything cooler (pun intended) to play with than dry ice?

    In a previous life, I worked on (then classified) laminate materials. The way we got the sticky pre-preg graphite and carbon materials to behave was to chill them with dry ice.

    I was gingerly handling it with gloves when the lead tech in the lab cocked his head, walked over and put a picked up a piece, bare handed and held it to my exposed skin.

    He said, “It’s call sublimation. Just don’t try this with water ice from the ice box.” (the same box where the dry ice was kept and thus a great deal colder than the ice in the freezer at home)

    I had fun putting a chunk in the bottom of 500ml beaker, putting hot water in (so it would bubble and fog nicely) and then walk across the hall just in front of a bunch of grade school kids on a tour – sipping away. heh heh, the old mad scientist gig.

    Okay – it was silly, but I’d do it again in a second. Except I wouldn’t actually drink it. That stuff tasted foul.


  2. Dry ice is very cool (pun intended). AND it CAN be made to go boom.

    Of course most useful things can be made to go boom if you know how, it’s just that dry ice is one of the easier things to make go boom.

    Cool stunt with the kids on tour. I’d do that too, unless one of my kids where in the herd. They would roll their eyes and tell everyone how it was done–spoiling my fun.

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