British Muslim attitudes

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A SIGNIFICANT minority of British Muslims believe they are at war with the rest of society, the largest poll of Muslims in this country suggests.

The Populus survey for The Times and ITV News has found that more than one in ten thinks that the men who carried out the London bombings of 7/7 should be regarded as “martyrs”. Sixteen per cent of British Muslims, equivalent to more than 150,000 adults, believe that while the attacks were wrong, the cause was right.

Assistant Met Commissioner Tariq Ghaffur, Britain’s most prominent Muslim policeman, said: “The poll shows that we do have a minority of people within our community who do effectively pose a danger.

“The tipping point between someone feeling anger and alienation and then engaging in the kind of atrocities we saw last July or being exploited by somebody who wants to commit a terrible act is very, very small.”

Update: More numbers from the UK. As Ry has told me, it’s too late for some parts of Europe. I hope it’s not too late for the UK. Emphasis is in the original:

A SHOCKING 400,000 British Muslims are sympathetic to “violent jihad around the world,” spy agency MI5 revealed last night.

The figure contains 1,200 fanatics who are actively engaged in an Islamic “holy war” at home or abroad.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Clarke said his branch has SEVENTY current investigations on the go. These are in London, around Britain and across the world.

And there are SIXTY people awaiting trial in the UK for terrorism-related offences.

He added: “This is unprecedented and the flow of new cases shows no sign of abating — if anything it is accelerating.”

Mr Clarke added there were two other factors “even more alarming” than the gravity of allegations facing the defendants.

He said: “The first is the majority relate to the activities of British citizens against their fellow countrymen. Second is the extreme youth of some of those charged.”

Mr Clarke said police had disrupted three or possibly four attacks since the London bombings — a year ago on Friday.

He added that Britons were being kept in the dark about the true threat from al-Qaeda fanatics. He said: “It is a very, very concerning intelligence picture. It sometimes feels as if the public are not well informed about the reality of the threat.”


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  1. My father, predicted all of this when he left the UK over 55 years ago!
    He had served in the British army in, Egypt and Palestine, so he knew first hand what these animals are like.

    BTW, happy fourth, that was quite a bottle rocket you guys launched today!!!

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