An important admission

Ms. Cuiker made a slip of the tongue (or pen) and said the following in an LA Times article about the Canadian gun registry:

Although it doesn’t directly address the problem of illegal handguns, the registry helps create a culture in which guns are seen as dangerous…

As gun rights activists have been saying for years, they want to demonize us.  It’s not about saving lives or facts, these laws they want passed are about demonizing gun owners.  It’s about creating the appearance of danger in spite of the facts.


One thought on “An important admission

  1. That whole article was rife with social bigotry. Her perspective was akin to: “This isn’t really about reducing crime or encouraging racism, but if you reduce the number of Negroes in inner cities, or make you think twice about associating with them, then gang violence is sure to drop.” This woman has a severe mental problem.

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