Joe’s cure for everything

Barb’s been saying for about 30 years, “Joe’s cure for everything is more sex.”  Now scientists are confirming (thanks to Samantha Burns) what Barb and I have long known:

Hot sex treats common cold

Majority of people consider even minor throat irritation or mild fever as a good-enough excuse to isolate themselves from their loved ones.

That is understandable, of course. Up until recently, this was regarded as a logical move. Not so long ago, however, scientists were able to prove just the opposite: it is better to be sick together. This obviously does not mean that one should purposely sneeze at his/her partner. In this case, the effect will be minimal. It is important to battle the disease. And as for microbes, hot passionate kisses and good sex is something they fear the most – concluded Manfred Schedlovski, a Swiss researcher from Zurich.

In the course of his lengthy neuroimmunological experiments, the scientist arrived at the conclusion that sexual intercourse has a positive effect not only on the overall physical condition of both partners but also on their immune systems. Phagocytes are to be praised for the marvel. Phagocytes are cells that help the body rid itself of various ailments. This is how they work: once they locate an alien body, they penetrate it and trigger self-destruction.

During sexual intercourse, number of phagocytes tends to increase significantly; oftentimes, number of these cells almost doubles after orgasm. This in turn enables these cells to detect and destroy antibodies more quickly.

Shcedlovski’s research results have already found support among his colleagues. Immunologist Peter Schleicher also shares the initial hypothesis of his colleague from Zurich. “Not only does sex heal our organism; it also sustains its immune system,” stated Peter Schleicher in his interview to Bild am Sonntag.


3 thoughts on “Joe’s cure for everything

  1. So… if my wife says “no” she’s actually threatening my health? Why, that would be spousal abuse, whouldn’t it? (“But honey, I might get sick…”)
    Actually, I wonder if this research is merely an excuse to, uh, “do some more testing”.

  2. As with Boomerite, “more testing is required” is always the conclusion at the end of the most recent test analysis.

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