Off again

Barb and I have been home for a few hours now and we are about to leave again for a few more days of vacation.  Earlier this week we visited Washington State (Benton City), Oregon (Madras and Mt. Hood), Nevada (McDermitt, Virginia City, and Tahoe), and California (Carmichael).

Barb asked why I talk about the “compound” and my “arsenal” in previous posts about leaving home with the kids in charge.  It’s because back in the late 90’s when I worked at Microsoft every time some gun owner would get arrested the police would pile all his guns and ammo on the front lawn for the media to take pictures of.  And the news people would talk about his “arsenal”.  If the guy was in a little bit of a rural area and had a few outbuildings then they would say he had a “compound”.  It became a joke with the Microsoft Gun Club.  The media was choosing words to demonize gun owners.  We adapted the words and made fun of them.  I am just continuing in that fashion.  Just like the “Red-necked, knuckle dragging, Neanderthal” subtitle.  You neutralize the people who attempt to demonize you buy adopting words prior to them using them on you.  So…

Again the kids, dogs, and cat are in charge of the “arsenal” and the “compound” while we are gone.  Xenia will post the Quote of the Day until I get Internet access again.


3 thoughts on “Off again

  1. When they decided to take down the Freemen in Montana, they first described their home as a “ranch”. But the next day, the “ranch” had become a “compound”, according to the news media. It only took them one day.

  2. We note that some people are neurologically incapaple of perceiving irony or sarcasm.

    Not that we’re encouraging anyone to eschew irony or sarcasm. Being afflicted with chronic versions of these traits, we cannot do so with any sincerity. We must accept that a certain fraction of the audience is incapable of appreciating our subtleties.

    Note: After a few rum-and-cokes, we adopt a Cooperesque editorial we.

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