Xenia is my wittiest child

Of course she is sitting on my lap as I write this too.

Her cat, wanting attention came up to us meowing and then started “sharpening his claws” on my knee.  “OWWW!!!”.  Xenia started giggling.  I glared. Her mood suddenly became somber, grim even, and barked, “Bad cat!”.

This was all the more funny because it isn’t the first time she has done something like that.  Another time she was telling me about how her cat talks to her.  “Oh?  What does he say?”  “He thinks you’re stupid.”  Glare and the mouth opens to return her to her proper place of respect for her parental units.  Before the first word can get out she blurts out, “But I don’t believe him.”  She saved her ass.  Damn, she is fast.