I’m ill, just in time for the weekend

As I reported on Wednesday Barb was sick over the weekend and I may have become infected.  I was sort of teetering on the edge of being sick all week.  I would feel good in the morning then poor that evening.  I had a pretty stressful day at work yesterday getting a bunch of proposals out just before a deadline.  Two of them were mine the other seven belonged to other people.  The boss man ask a co-worker (who had three) and I to “clean-up” everyone else’s proposals and get them back to him by close of business.  My co-worker and I had things in fairly good shape for our stuff but some of the others were really bad.  I had the unpleasant task of telling one guy that he really needed to just start over.  He wasn’t at all happy and decided to “just drop it”. Another person decided to do just two instead of three after I talked to them about the changes needed.  But they did a good job once I gave them a little guidance.  Anyway we got them all cleaned up and out the door by 17:10 which was acceptable.  Then I had a three hour drive home and I arrived sick.  I wasn’t much better this morning and got worse throughout the day.  Lots of things I should do today and I basically just stayed in bed.  I just got up for a bit to try and do something productive for a little while.  I’ll probably be all better by Monday when I have to go back to work.

A few minutes ago I updated the Boomershoot Bloggers section of the Boomershoot website.  Analog Kid at Random Nuclear Strike has been linking to Boomershoot for the slightest excuse for weeks now and finally made it over the 100 unique referrals to warrant a free entry.  Thank you! 

I received two more boomershoot entries this week.  The event is half full now.  Wish I was feeling well enough to get some more work done on the event.  There are more targets to modify and more experiments to do.


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