Quote of the day–Violence Policy Center

 … model legislation, “The Firearms Safety and Violence Prevention Act,” designed to expand the powers of the Secretary of Treasury to include regulation of the manufacture, distribution and sale of firearms and ammunition and to expand the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department to include firearm products and non-powder firearms. In addition to granting the Treasury health and safety powers (such as standard-setting and recall capability), it also includes: a ban on assault weapons; a ban on weapons regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA) such as silencers, hand grenades, and land mines; and a handgun phase-out–the future manufacture and sale of new handguns would be prohibited. Currently possessed handguns would be required to be surrendered upon the owner’s death.

Violence Policy Center
From http://www.vpc.org/fact_sht/ceasefs.htm
(as of 11/10/98 and 01/31/05)