Neal Knox is near death

I just received this email:

Greetings all,

I have spoken to Chris Knox (one of Neal Knox’s son) and told him I wanted to make our subscribers aware of this. He agreed with me that the timing was critical.

It comes with great grief and sorrow to break the news that Neal Knox is very ill, and nearly to the point of death due to cancer. Essentially, if Almighty God does not intervene with a miracle, Neal may succumb and die within a few short days, possibly even hours. We just don’t know how long he has. Regardless, nothing less than a miracle will bring him out of this.

If you have ever believed, or do believe in prayer, please pray for Neal.

Neal Knox’s website is

And above all requests, PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACLE FOR NEAL.

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Gun Owners Alliance
Chris W. Stark – Director

Neal Knox is one of the smartest and most faithful defenders of the 2nd Amendment I have ever known about.  I met him at Gun Rights Policy Conference 1999 in St. Louis.  We talked for a while about computer security.  I worked at Microsoft at the time and he had concerns about how secure PGP email was.  I also was privileged to listen to Neal and Alan Gottlieb (Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms) discussing political strategy for dealing with Congress.  I was amazed at the depth of knowledge and the way they went about their ‘chess game’.  The compromises they would make in one house knowing they could defeat it in the other.  The favors they could pull in from some congress critters and the favors they would give to others.  It was wondrous to see how they mapped out the game plan for things that would happen months in the future.  Who was really on our side and who would “play with us” as long as they could do it without endangering their seat.

I don’t believe in miracles.  His death will be a huge loss in our fight for freedom.  I’m glad he got to see the expiration of the AWB and I hope we can continue the fight to see the defeat of all the unconstitutional gun laws.  The job will be more difficult without him.