Busy weekend

Saturday we went for a hike near Helmer.  Xenia put on her elf ears and her corset and other clothes to make her look like an elf.  Just to bug her I keep telling her she the pointy ears made her look like a Vulcan.  It was a nice walk and I took lots of pictures of my little Vulcan.

Sunday I shot in a Lewiston Pistol Club IPSC match.  The results aren’t out yet but I suspect I won.  I did very well in two stages and “pretty good” in the other two.  Some of my biggest competitors had problems in one or more stages and probably put themselves out of the running.  I took lots of pictures and put them on the web.  In the rifle match I came in last though.  I really need to practice IPSC rifle stuff a LOT more.  I can start by doing dry firing a bunch.  There were a lot of people at the match and it wasn’t organized as well as it could have been and it ran very late.

When I got home from the IPSC match Barb and I went for a walk.  When we came back I started working on cleaning out the garage which I was supposed to do much earlier.  I just barely started when Kim called and said she was coming over to say hi and her friend Spunky wanted to play a game of chess with me.  They came over and I stomped on the poor kid.  He said he couldn’t get very many people to play him and none of them were very good players.  I thought maybe he knew how to play but I knew it was going to be a push over after he made his very first move (he moved his knight to king’s rook three).  As I told Xenia I could only think of about two other moves that would have been worse for a first move.  He was very polite and seemed to be a nice enough kid.  He said it was the first time he had a good game since he played his science teacher.  I told him I was home on weekends and I would be glad to play him again.  If he comes back I’ll give him some pointers after the game.

Xenia and I put finished off getting all recycling stuff to the center then went to a move, Alien vs. Predator.  The best thing about the movie was the line in the preview, “Whoever wins, we loose.”  It wasn’t a bad movie.  It just wasn’t that good.  It wasn’t entirely consistent with the other Alien movies which bugged me some.  But I did like what they did with one female character.  She is putting a pistol in her holster and the lead character in the movie asks, in a disapproving voice, if she thinks she is going to need that (they think they are just going to visit a pyramid site under the Antarctic ice cap).  The woman with the pistol says something like, “I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.  Just like condoms.”  Very cool. Handguns portrayed as a protective tool.  Of course she does need it – but against the alien beasts and the predators it doesn’t do much good.

Today Barb and I are going for a hike on Kamiak Butte.  Maybe look for a geocache.